Care and Maintenance  

Although we carefully tend to every aspect of our production process, all metals have a living finish and will patina over time. Slight variations, blemishes and occasional spotting are all part of metal's living finish. All Paloma Pewter tiles are waterproofed with a durable, flexible sealer before leaving our foundry to minimize the effects of UV rays, temperature and corrosives.

To properly clean and maintain Paloma Pewter products, we recommend using a NON-BLEACH, NON-ABRASIVE spray cleaner. Lightly spray and clean with a damp, non-abrasive sponge or cloth. Rinse with water and towel dry. (Do not use phosphoric acid-based cleaners; these will oxidize the finish.)

If any damage occurs to the finish during installation or through excessive wear, reseal with a clear spray acrylic or enamel. This will minimize moisture from oxidizing the metal and lifting the sealer applied at our Studio. Damaged pieces can easily be resealed with a thick coat of spray acrylic or enamel (found at a hardware store). Sealing should be done over a clean, dry and oil-free surface, taped off from the surrounding stone or tile. Reseal as needed.

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